The Online Solution for the best organization of your flight school or flying club.

Aircraft Info Desk is a cloud based business solution for flight schools and flying clubs. With AID you manage any flight operations task in your organization, which usually takes a lot of time - now fast, secure and reliable.

Flight Training Management for ATOs and DTOs

Phase-based training, deadline monitoring, electronic student file - with the Aircraft Info Desk flight school management you simplify planning processes, always keep an eye on the training status of your flight students and are also prepared for audits at the push of a button. So that you have more time for the important things.

Flight Training Management for Ultralight Flight Schools

Never again search for student files or miss deadlines - with Aircraft Info Desk flight school management you keep an eye on the development of your flight students. Optimise your flight operations and the utilisation of your fleet with Aircraft Info Desk. This makes communication with your customers a pure pleasure. Relieve yourself of routine tasks so that you have capacity for new students.

Management solution for Flying Clubs

Optimise the utilisation of your club fleet and ensure a fair distribution among your members. Inform via noticeboard, newsletter or SMS in the club and make all information important for flight operations available for download. With Aircraft Info Desk you automate processes such as the billing of flight fees. This makes volunteering more fun!

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Simple and modular - Aircraft Info Desk provides the right support for all topics of your flight operations. No matter whether you are a commercial flight school, a flying club or a private aircraft owner.

DTO- / ATO- Manager

Head of Training and flight instructors are always up to date on the training status of their students. Standardisation and deadline monitoring.

Licence Management

AID checks pilot and instructor licences when booking and informs about expiring ratings. The licence status of all pilots at a glance!

Flight and Duty Time Limitations

Based on the training flights, AID compiles ongoing statistics on compliance with Flight and Duty Time Limitations.

Document Management

Any Manuals, images, scans - everything in the right place and accessible online from anywhere. For a paperless office!

Resource Scheduling

For flight planning and optimal utilisation of your fleet. Individual reservation rules ensure fair booking distribution.

Standby List

Increase the utilisation of your aircraft further with the AID waiting list. Pilots are informed about available desired dates.

Flight Sharing Board

Simply indicate free seats when booking and look for fellow passengers for a flight project.

Aircraft Status

No more surprises at the airfield! AID monitors your fleet's aircraft status and remaining time to overhaul and informs pilots and technicians of any changes.

Online Aircraft Logbook

Central flight data recording after the flight with further processing for billing and transfer to the pilots' logbooks.

Pilot's forum and Downloads

Easily distribute the latest information and documents. With the EMail Newsletter function you can easily reach out to your pilots with a single collective email.

Event and Duty Roster Manager

Plan theory courses, excursions or simply the annual ICAO maps order with the event schedule and roster manager.

Flight Invoicing

The aircraft logbook data is used to generate invoices at the push of a button - including all charges such as approach, departure, DFS and landing fees.

Integrated with Charterware

No more manual logbook data editing! Right after the flight, the flight data is already available in the AID logbook, automatically transferred within minutes.

Aircraft Maintenance Integration

Connect your maintenance company and CAMO directly to your flight operations via AID. Findings recording and tracking, maintenance intervals and statistics - all on one platform.


In addition to the German language, the customer systems are also fully available in English.


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About us

Ivo Mynter

Ivo Mynter


Commercial Pilot - Flight Instructor - Banker.
Ivo is responsible for marketing and sales at AID.

Ingo Battis

Ingo Battis


Private Pilot - Software Architect.
Ingo is responsible for development and operations at AID.


With our business partners, we are expanding Aircraft Info Desk into a comprehensive industry solution.

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